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Updated 10/11/05

This list is generally current; I usually update only when I've got a bunch of new CDs, so I may have CDs that I haven't listed here yet. Anything with an asterisk (*) in front of it, I'm looking to replace, so I'll consider offers of them.

Anything listed here is NOT FOR SALE; to check out what I *am* selling, please go to my shop. I am also selling items such as Japanese-language manga, doujinshi, and lots more, so please check it out!

Short glossary
CCCD: copy-control CD. This is the term Avex uses to described its CDs that have copy-control measures. These measures often make the CD unplayable in computer CD drives.
CD Extra: This means the CD has certain features (such as videos, pictures, etc.) that can be accessed by putting the CD in a computer drive.
No obi: This means that I bought the CD new and sealed and that no obi was included. (Occasionally CDs do not have obis, especially those that have slipcases instead.)
OST: original soundtrack
OSV: original sound version (fancy term for a soundtrack)
obi: means I have the obi, also called a spine card. Comes with most CDs released in Japan. Obis also often come with Japanese books and magazines.
Used: means I bought the CD used (secondhand, thirdhand, etc.). If there's no condition listed, it means I originally bought it new and sealed.
Booklet: means I have a booklet with the CD other than the liner notes.
Survey card: comes with a small postcard answering a few questions that you're supposed to send to the company. I have never attempted to read what was on the cards, so I can't say.
Sticker: self-explanatory. ^_^
Blank spaces or ellipses: means I don't know the whole title of the CD or series ^_^

  • Anime CDs and comic CDs
  • Video game CDs (including compilations)
  • J-pop and misc. import CDs/singles (includes Nobuo Uematsu)
  • Bootlegs (I've listed only the ones I'm looking for)
  • CDs for sale (from my personal collection) - check my sale list at my shop

    Anime CDs

    Akai HAYATE
    Akai HAYATE original soundtrack: TYCY-5168 (used)

    Anatolia Story (Red River)
    Ten wa Akai Kawa no Hotori Sound Theater 2: FSCA-10038 (used, obi)

    Argent Soma
    Argent Soma OST 1: VICL-60623 (obi)
    Argent Soma OST 2: VICL-60624 (obi)
    If ~ for the future lovers: VICL-60627 (obi)
    ZATTSU Funeral (drama CD): VICL-60625 (sealed)
    Silent Wind (CD single; Eri Sugai): VICL-35181 (slimline case)
    Horizon (CD single; Sphere): VICL-35182 (sealed, slimline case)

    Arslan Senki
    Please see "Heroic Legend of Arslan"

    Ayatsuri Sakon
    Karakuri-zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon OST: VICL-60503 (obi)
    Karakuri-zoushi Ayatsuri Sakon OST II: VICL-60504 (sealed, obi)
    Kanaete (CD single; Akino Arai): VIDL-30458 (obi)

    Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte
    Please see "Please Save My Earth"

    Chikyuu Bouei Kazoku
    Chikyuu Bouei Kazoku OST: VICL-60704 (sealed, slipcase)
    Hana no Katachi (CD single; Akino Arai): VICL-35231

    Chobits Character Song Collection: 5222-2 (domestic release)
    NINGYO HIME (CD single; Rie Tanaka): VICL-35426 (obi, slimline case)
    Raison d'etre (CD single; Rie Tanaka): VICL-35373 (obi, slimline case)

    Comic CDs
    20 Menso ni Onegai - Koi wa suteki na MYUUJIKARU wa nai: VICL-129 (used, obi)
    After School in the Teachers' Lounge image soundtrack: TPFC-0001 (used, slipcase)
    AKUMA-kun Mahou Sweet: VDR-1257 (used, obi)
    Akuryou no Iru Kyoushitsu Sound Collection: COCC-10983 (used)
    Jinrou Soushi Original Soundtrack: PICA-1014 (used, obi)
    Shoujo Comic Original Album - Jewelry Box: PCCG-00219 (used)
    Tsuki no Umaeru Yoru: MRCA-20095 (used; w/mini calendar)
    Tsure-chan no Yuuutsu: PCCG-00188 (used)
    XAZSA - Your Own Personal Number: TYCY-5453 (used; obi, survey card)

    Emotion - 20th Anniversary Theme Collection - OVA & Movie: VICL-60938-9 (sealed, double-CD jewel case, obi)
    Emotion - 20th Anniversary Theme Collection - TV (special edition): VIZL-69 (used, double-CD jewel case)
    Saishin Anime Shudaika Movie/OVA: VICL-5215 (used)
    Saishin Anime Shudaika Movie/OVA: VICL-5311 (used, obi)
    '92 Saishin Anime Shudaika Collection: VICL-40073-74 (used, obi)
    '94 Anime Shudaika Collection: VICL-615 (used)
    Saki Hiwatari Memorial Collection: VICL-40075-6 (used; larger jewel case, obi)
    Minna de utaou! Sanrio Character Songs: V-2030 (used)
    Fantastic World ~ Special Selection: VICL-97 (used)
    Original Anime Song Super Collection: VDR-1322 (used)
    Anime Theme Song Collection: VICL-5333 (used)
    Saishin Anime Shukdaikashuu: VICL-40157-58 (used, larger jewel case)
    The Best of Anime: R2-75514 (Cutey Honey cel; domestic release)
    Victor Anime Song Collection I: VICL-61601 (sealed; obi)
    Victor Anime Song Collection II: VICL-61602 (sealed; obi)

    Cosmowarrior Zero
    The Book of Life (CD single; Emiko Shiratori): KICM-1035 (obi, slimline case)

    Crayon Shinchan
    Crayon Shinchan: WPCL-783 (used)
    Crayon Shinchan 2: WPC6-8046 (used, sticker)
    Crayon Shinchan 4 - Himawari-chan tanjou kinen!: AMCM-4287 (used, sticker)
    Crayon Shinchan Christmas and Oshougatsu: WPCL-810 (used)
    Crayon Shinchan Best Hit Single History: KICA-1243 (slipcase, obi)
    DO-shite (3-inch CD single; Sakura Club): WPDL-4355 (used)
    PARI JONA daisakusen (3-inch CD single): AVDD-20077 (used, sticker)
    Ora to issho ni odorou yo! (3-inch CD single): AVDD-20072 (used, sticker)

    Terrestrial Defense Corp. Dai-Guard original soundtrack 1: VICL-60522 (obi)

    Darkness of the Sea, Shadow of the Moon
    Please see "Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage"

    Dragon Quest
    ROTO no Monshou (Emblem of Roto) OST: VICL-763 (obi)

    Please see "Neon Genesis Evangelion"

    Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals
    Kaze no Shou, Hono'o no Shou: COCC-11741 (obi)
    Ryuu no Shou, Hoshi no Shou: COCC-11873 (obi)

    Final Fantasy: Unlimited
    Final Fantasy: Unlimited Music Adventure Verse.1: AVCA-14282 (obit)
    Final Fantasy: Unlimited Music Adventure Verse.2: AVCA-14339 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy: Unlimited After 2: AVCA-14527 (sealed) (CCCD)
    Over the FANTASY (CD single; Kana Ueda): AVCA-14281
    VIVID (CD single; Fairy Fore): AVCD-30287 (slimline case)
    Romancing Train (CD single; Move): AVCT-30049 (slimline case)

    Fire Tripper
    Fire Tripper music collection: VDR-1132 (used)

    Fushigi Yuugi
    Fushigi Yuugi CD book: WCD-005 (used)

    Ghost in the Shell
    Be Human: VICL-61217 (obi)

    G-Gundam - Gundam Fight-Round 5: KICA-233 (used)

    Gungrave OST 2 "lefthead": VICL-61312 (obi)

    Gunslinger Girl
    Gunslinger Girl Soundtrack: MJCG-80140 (used; obi)
    Gunslinger Girl (5-inch CD single): MJCG-83024 (used)

    Haibane Renmei
    Haibane Renmei soundtrack ~HANE NO NE~: PICA-1270 (sealed, obi)
    Haibane Renmei image album ~Seinaru Doukei~: LACA-5147 (sealed, obi)
    Blue Flow (CD single; Heart of Air): LACM-4078 (obi, slimline case)

    Heroic Legend of Arslan
    Heroic Legend of Arslan OST: ESCB-1169 (sealed, obi)
    Heroic Legend of Arslan II OST: SRCL-2410 (used)
    Heroic Legend of Arslan III • IV OST: SRCL-2681 (used, obi, card)
    Best of Arslan: SRCL-3299 (obi)
    Kutsuato no Hana (3-inch CD single; Yuuza Mimori): ESDB-3225
    Tokimeki o Believe (3-inch CD single; Yumi Tanimura): SRDL-3477

    Hoshi no Kirby
    Hoshi no Kirby theme song: KIRBY-2001 (used, w/obi)
    Hoshi no Kirby - Kirby! / Kirby Step!: AVCA-14596 (sealed) (Avex copy-protected CD)

    Initial D
    Initial D Sound Files vol. 1: AVCT-10031 (sealed, obi)
    Initial D Second Stage Sound Files: AVCA-14000 (sealed; slipcase)
    Super Eurobeat presents Initial D Selection: AVCD-11657 (obi)
    Super Eurobeat presents Initial D Selection 2: AVCD-11678 (obi)
    Super Eurobeat presents Initial D Selection 3: AVCD-11698 (obi)
    Super Eurobeat presents Initial D Second Stage Selection 1: AVCD-11760 (obi)
    Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Fourth Stage D Selection: AVCA-22151 (obi)
    Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Fourth Stage D Selection 2: AVCA-22393 (sealed, obi)
    Super Eurobeat presents Initial D - D Best Selection: AVCD-11779 (obi)
    Super Eurobeat presents Initial D Battle Stage: AVCD-14357 (obi)
    Initial D Vocal Battle: AVCT-15000 (obi)
    Initial D Vocal Battle Second Stage: AVCA-14003 (obi)
    Initial D Extra Stage Original Sound Tracks: AVCA-14111 (sealed)
    Initial D The Movie Original Sound Tracks: AVCA-14112 (sealed)
    Initial D The Movie of Super Eurobeat: AVCA-14097 (used)
    Super Eurobeat Presents Initial D Super Euro Best: AVCA-14065 (sealed, obi)
    Initial J - Jay Chou Greatest Hits: SICP-887 (obi)

    Jin-Roh original motion picture soundtrack: VICL-60569 (obi)

    Kokoro Toshokan
    Kokoro Toshokan OST: VICL-60819 (used, character cards)

    Kurau Phantom Memory
    Kurau Phantom Memory OST - Indigo: VICL-61475 (obi)

    Kishin Douji Zenki
    Kishin Douji Zenki Best Selection: COCC-13059-60 (used, double-CD jewel case)
    Kishin Douji Zenki Character Song Collection: COCC-12597 (sealed, obi)

    Laughing Target
    Laughing Target Ongakushuu: VDR-5178 (used; obi)

    Macross series
    Macross Plus OST: VICL-570 (obi)
    Macross Plus OST 2: VICL-571 (obi)
    Macross Plus for fans only: VCL-23112 (obi)
    Macross Plus Cream P.U.F. Sharon Apple: VICL-15037 (obi, slimline case)

    Mai-Hime Original Soundtrack vol. 1: LACA-5337 (sealed, obi)

    Marmalade Boy
    Marmalade Boy Vol. 1: COCC-72195 (obi)
    Marmalade Boy Vol. 2: COCC-72196 (sealed; obi)
    Marmalade Boy Vol. 6 ~The étude of dawn~: COCC-72197 (sealed; obi)
    Marmalade Boy Zenkyokushuu: COCX-32230-1 (sealed; obi)

    Mermaid Forest
    Please see "Ningyo series"

    Mermaid Scar
    Please see "Ningyo series"

    Mononoke Hime
    Mononoke Hime OST (1st print): TKCA-71168 (used, slipcase)
    Mononoke Hime image album (1st print): TKCA-70946 (used, sticker)
    Symphonic Suite Mononoke Hime: TKCA-71395 (slipcase, obi, survey card, pictures)
    Princess Mononoke: 73138 35864-2 (domestic release)
    Mononoke Hime theme (3-inch CD single): TKDA-71167

    Neko no Ongaeshi
    Neko no Ongaeshi soundtrack: TKCA-72367 (sealed, slipcase)

    Neon Genesis Evangelion series
    Evangelion VOX: KICA-382 (used, in tin)
    Evangelion The Day of Second Impact: KICA-525 (used, obi)
    Refrain - Songs inspired by Evangelion: KICA-378 (sealed, slipcase)
    Tamashii no RUFURAN (3-inch CD single; Yoko Takahashi): KIDA-146
    Zankoku na tenshi no TEEZE (3-inch CD single; Yoko Takahashi): KIDA-114 (sealed)
    Zankoku na tenshi no TEEZE/Fly Me to the Moon (CD single): KICM-3041 (sealed, slimline case, obi)

    Ningyo series (Mermaid saga)
    Ningyo no Kizu (Mermaid Scar) OST: VICL-448 (used, obi)
    Ningyo no Mori (Mermaid Forest) OST: VICL-177 (obi)
    Ningyo no Mori OST: VICL-177 (sealed, obi)
    Takahashi Rumiko Gekijou OST - Ningyo no Mori (CCCD): IOCD-11045 (obi)
    Like an angel (CD single; Chiaki Ishikawa) (CCCD): IOCD-11048 (sealed, slimline case, obi)
    Mizutamari (CD single; kayoko) (CCCD): CTCR-40180 (sealed; slimline case; obi)

    Omohide Poroporo
    Omohide Poroporo Piano Solo Album: APCF-5144 (used)

    Only Yesterday
    Please see "Omohide Poroporo"

    Outlaw Star
    Tsuki no Ie (3-inch CD single; Akino Arai): VIDL-30201
    Hiru no Tsuki (3-inch CD single; Akino Arai): VIDL-30073

    PALME songs: VICL-35351 (obi)

    Perfect Blue
    Perfect Blue OST: PCCR-95001 (obi)

    Please Save My Earth
    Please Save My Earth OST vol. 1: VICL-446 (used)
    Please Save My Earth Image OST 2: VICL-519 (obi)
    Please Save My Earth Image OST 3: VICL-5260 (obi)
    Please Save My Earth: VDR-1529 (sealed, obi)

    Princess Mononoke
    Please see "Mononoke Hime"

    Purple Eyes in the Dark
    Purple Eyes in the Dark, Part 2: LD32-5032 (used)

    Ranma 1/2
    Ranma Strongest Music Selection (?): PCCG-00175
    Ranma opening themes: PCCG-00190 (obi)
    Ranma character calendar: PCCG-00195
    Ranma 1/2 DoCo First: PCCG-00142 (obi, cels)
    Ranma fighting karuta: PCCG-00197 (obi)
    Ranma 1/2 DoCo Second: PCCG-00326 (obi)
    Ranma DoCo karaoke: PCCG-00327 (obi)
    Ranma TV theme song collection: PCCG-00491 (obi)
    Ranma OAV soundtrack: KTCR-1269 (obi)

    Ranma 1/2 CD singles (all 3-inch CDs):
    Lambada Ranma (Ranma opera troupe): PCDG-00005 (used)
    Mori e Ikimashou (Kodachi): DMP-22 (used)
    Ja Ja Uma ni Sasenaide (Nishio Etsuko): HOOK-30018 (used)
    Niji to Taiyou no Oka (Piyo Piyo): KTDR-2044
    Kono yo de ichiban, oshougatsu ga suki: (Nabiki): PCDG-00016 (used)
    Valentine ni Kuro Bara O (Kodachi): PCDG-00017 (used)
    Yasashii, ii ko ni narenai (Akane): PCDG-00018 (used)
    Konya wa April Fool (Ranma-kun): PCDG-00019 (used)
    Nekohanten Menu Song (Shampoo): PCDG-00020 (used)
    Otousan (Kasumi): PCDG-00021 (used)
    Omoide ga Ippa (DoCo): PCDG-00022 (used)
    Miwaku no Limbo Dance (Happosai): PCDG-00023 (used)
    Haikei, Akane-san (Ryoga): PCDG-00024 (used)
    Yoi Don! (Ranma females): PCDG-00025 (used)
    November Rain (Ranma-chan): PCDG-00026 (used)
    Characters' Christmas: PCDG-00027 (used)
    It's Love (Rabbit): PCDA-00252 (used)
    Koi da! Panic (Yawmin): KTDR-2067 (used)
    Ranma to Akane no Ballad: PCDG-00060 (used)

    Record of Lodoss War
    Record of Lodoss War OST vol. 2: VICL-60244 (obi)
    Odyssey (3-inch CD single; Takeshi Kusao): VIDL-42 (sealed)
    Odyssey (3-inch CD single; Takeshi Kusao): VIDL-42 (used)
    Knight of Lodoss ~Kaze no uta~ (3-inch CD single; Takeshi Kusao): VIDL-84 (used)
    Kaze to tori to sora ~reincarnation~ (3-inch CD single; Akino Arai): VIDL-87
    Kiseki no Umi (3-inch CD single; Maaya Sakamoto): VIDL-30202 (sealed)

    Red River
    Please see "Anatolia Story"

    Ryouko no Shinrei Jikenbo (Ryoko's Ghost Cat)
    Ryouko no Shinrei Jikenbo original album: PCCG-00199 (used, obi)

    Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi
    Please see "Spirited Away"

    Serial Experiments Lain
    Serial Experiments Lain soundtrack: PICA-1178 (obi)
    Duvet (3-inch CD single; boa): PSDR-5310

    Spirited Away
    Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi image album: TKCA-72100 (obi)

    Stray Sheep
    Stray Sheep Meets the Music: EGCL-2001 (used)

    Studio Ghibli
    Ghibli Music - Violin: AX-604 (sealed, obit)
    Kaze no Tani no NAUSHIKA ~The World of Hayao Miyazaki By "Orgel Music"~: GES-11311 (used)
    Studio Ghibli songs (1st pressing): TKCA-71381 (used, slipcase)
    Mononoke - Miyazaki Hayao Anime Theme Collection 2: OPP-216 (used)
    ORUGOURU Collection - Tonari to TOTORO - Miyazaki Hayao Anime Theme Collection: OPP-208 (used)

    Ten wa Akai Kawa no Hotori
    Please see "Anatolia Story"

    The Cat Returns
    Please see "Neko no Ongaeshi"

    Tokyo Underground
    Kakusei Toshi (CD single; Akino Arai): VICL-35385 (slimline case)

    Umi ga Kikoeru
    Umi ga Kikoeru ongaku: TKCA-71142 (sealed, obi)

    Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage
    Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage Memorial: PCCG-00160 (used, obi)
    Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage Last Message: PCCG-00129 (used)
    Darkness of the Sea, Shadow of the Moon original album: LD32-5068 (used)

    Vampire Hunter D
    Vampire Hunter D - Bloodlust OST: AVCA-14214 (sealed, obi)

    Vampire Princess Miyu
    Vampire Princess Miyu (drama CD?): PCCG-00437 (sealed)
    Vampire Miyu drama CD - Western Shinma Saga: PCCG-00217 (used, obi, survey card)
    Vampire Miyu drama CD 4 - Western Shinma Saga: PCCG-00262 (used, obi)
    Vampire Miyu drama CD 5 - Western Shinma Saga: PCCG-00272 (used, obi)
    Vampire Princess Miyu op/ed themes (3-inch CD single): VIDL-30070

    Video Girl Ai
    Video Girl Ai 2nd - Image Soundtrack: VICL-316 (used)

    Warau Hyouteki
    Please see "Laughing Target"

    Windaria Original Soundtrack: VDR-1242 (used)

    Wings of Honneamise
    Aile de Honneamise OST: 35MD-1025 (used)

    Music Tracks From Wish: VICL-2181 (used, obi)

    Yami no Purple Eye
    Please see "Purple Eyes in the Dark"

    Z.O.E. Dolores,i
    Ring on the World (CD single; Heart of Air): LACM-4020 (obi, slimline case)

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    Video game CDs

    Breath of Fire
    Breath of Fire II: SRCL-3119 (used)

    Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon/Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon
    Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon Coi Vanni Gialli: SSCX-10016
    Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon OST: SSCX-10014 (used, no slipcase, w/3-inch single)
    Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon OST: SSCX-10014 (sealed, w/bonus 3-inch CD)
    Chocobo no Fushigina Dungeon 2 (1st pressing): SSCX-10026 (used, w/slipcase)

    Chrono Cross
    Please see "Chrono series"

    Chrono series
    Chrono Cross OST (first pressing): SSCX-10040 (w/slipcase)
    ChronoTrigger OSV (1st pressing): PCSN-5021~3 (sealed; w/slipcase)
    ChronoTrigger - The Brink of Time: PSCN-5024 (obi)
    ChronoTrigger OST (1999 reissue): SSCX-10039 (w/slipcase)

    Please see "Chrono series"

    20th Anniversary Tribute to Game-Sounds for Music: AYCM-610 (used, w/obi)
    Famicom 20th Anniversary Arrange Sound Tracks: SCDC-00320 (sealed, obi)
    Koei Vocal Collections vol. 1: KECH-1050 (used, obi, survey card)
    Koei Vocal Collections vol. 2: KECH-1051 (used, obi, survey card)
    Mario & Zelda Big Band Live: SCDC-00315 (obi)
    Melody of Legend - Chapter of Dream: KICA-1242 (obi)
    Melody of Legend - Chapter of Love: KICA-1241 (obi)
    SQUARE Vocal Collection: SSCX-10052 (obi)
    Famicom Music Best Collection: SRCL-2476 (sealed)
    Super Famicom Magazine vol. 6: TIM-SFC06 (used)
    Super Famicom Magazine vol. 9: TIM-SFC09 (used)
    Game Boy Music GSM Nintendo: PCCB-00023 (used)
    The Best of Koei vol. 1: KECH-1003 (sealed, obi)
    The Best of Koei vol. 2: KECH-1016 (sealed, obi)

    Conker's Bad Fur Day
    Conker's Bad Fur Day OST: RARECDFC01

    Dance Dance Revolution (includes various artists featured in DDR)
    Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix OST: TOCP-64044-5 (obi)
    Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix OST: TOCP-64134-5 (obi)
    Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix OST: TOCP-64144-5 (obi)
    DDR Max 2 (7th Mix) OST: TOCP-64168-9 (sealed, obi)
    Dance Dance Revolution Extreme OST: TOCP-64204-5 (obi)
    Dance Dance Revolution Party Collection OST: TOCP-64237-8 (sealed, obi)

    DDR Max limited-edition music sampler: no catalog number
    DDR Max 2 limited-edition music sampler: no catalog number
    DDR Extreme limited-edition music sampler: no catalog number
    DDR Ultramix 2 limited-edition music sampler: no catalog number

    Waiting: (Me & My): TOCP-50157 (sealed, obi)

    Mystery (Missing Heart): TOCP-64069 (obi)

    Future Girls ( TOCP-65401 (obi)
    Smile ( TOCP-50610 (obi)
    Smile Paradise ( TOCP-65615 (obi)
    Butterfly ( TOCP-40093 (obi?)
    Doo be di Boy (maxi single; TOCP-40137 (sealed)
    Golden Sky ( TOCP-66121 (obi)

    Dance Maniax
    Dance Maniax OST: TOCP-64066-7 (used)
    Dance Maniax 2nd Mix OST: TOCP-64124-5 (obi)

    Dewprism (Threads of Fate)
    Dewprism OST: SSCX-10036 (used, w/obi)
    Threads of Fate Music Selection promo CD: 3TP-0022K

    Falcom (not including Ys)
    Falcom Vocal Collection I: KICA-1042-3 (used, double-CD jewel case, obi)
    Falcom Vocal Collection II: KICA-1044-5 (used, double-CD jewel case, obi)
    Falcom Vocal Collection III: KICA-1129 (used, obi, survey card)
    Falcom Vocal/Surround/Plus Mix: NW10102280 (sealed)

    Final Fantasy
    Fantastic Wave - Final Fantasy Sound Fair (promo): NP-0001
    All Sounds of Final Fantasy I and II: PSCR-5251 (obi)
    All Sounds of Final Fantasy I and II (1st press): PSCR-5251 (used; obi, customer card)
    All Sounds of Final Fantasy I and II (2nd press): PSCR-5185 (used; obi)
    Final Fantasy I and II Original Soundtrack (1st press): SSCX-10071-2
    Final Fantasy III OSV (first pressing): N23D-002 (used)
    Final Fantasy III OSV: PSCN-5013 (obi)
    Final Fantasy IV OSV (first pressing): N23D-001 (used)
    Final Fantasy IV OSV: PSCN-5014 (obi)
    Final Fantasy IV Official Soundtrack (Tokyopop): TPCD-0212-2
    Final Fantasy IV Minimum Album (CD single): NO9D-023 (used)
    Final Fantasy V OSV (1st pressing): N33D-013, 014 (used)
    Final Fantasy V OSV (1st pressing, 2nd copy): N33D-013, 014 (used)
    Final Fantasy V OSV: PSCN-5015~6 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy V Manbo de Chocobo (CD single): NO9D-016 (used)
    Final Fantasy V Manbo de Chocobo (CD single): NO9D-016 (used; sticker)
    Final Fantasy V / 5+1 (CD single): NO9D-012 (used)
    Final Fantasy VI OSV (1st pressing): PSCN-5001~3 (used, w/slipcase, extra Amano art)
    Final Fantasy VI OSV: PSCN-5001~3 (slipcase)
    Final Fantasy VI Stars vol. 1 (CD single): NO9D-023 (used)
    Final Fantasy VI Stars vol. 2 (CD single): NO9D-024 (used)
    Final Fantasy VI Special Tracks (CD single): PSDN-6101 (used)
    Final Fantasy VI Special Tracks (CD single): PSDN-6101 (used; sticker)
    Final Fantasy VII OST (first pressing): SSCX-10003 (used)
    Final Fantasy VII OST: SSCX-10004 (slipcase, stickers)
    Final Fantasy III Eternal Legend of the Wind (1st pressing): PSCR-PSCX-1005 (used, obi)
    Final Fantasy III Eternal Legend of the Wind (2nd pressing): PSCR-5186 (used, obi)
    Final Fantasy III Eternal Legend of the Wind: PSCR-5252 (obi)
    Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon (first pressing): N30D-006 (used)
    Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon: PSCN-5018 (obi)
    Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections (2nd print): PSCN-5008 (used)
    Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections (CD-only reissue): NTCP-1001
    Final Fantasy V Dear Friends (1st pressing): N30D-017 (used)
    Final Fantasy V Piano Collections: PSCN-5009 (used)
    Final Fantasy V Piano Collections (CD-only reissue): NTCP-1002 (obi)
    Final Fantasy VI Grand Finale: PSCN-5004 (obi)
    Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections: PSCN-5005
    Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections (CD-only reissue): NTCP-1003 (obi)
    Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks (Triple Anniversary): SSCX-10012 (obi)
    Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks (1st pressing): SSCX-10012 (obi, sticker)
    Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children OST (first pressing): SQEX-10051-2 (2 CDs; slipcase )
    Final Fantasy VIII sampler CD: TGCS-624 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy VIII OST (first pressing): SSCX-10028
    Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections (first pressing): SSCX-10041 (slipcase)
    Final Fantasy VIII Piano Collections: SSCX-10041 (obi)
    Eyes On Me (CD single; Faye Wong): TODT-5271
    Eyes On Me (CD single; Faye Wong): ED-9001
    Eyes On Me (CD single; Faye Wong): SCD-436
    Final Fantasy IX OST (1st pressing): SSCX-10043~6
    Final Fantasy IX OST: SSCX-10043~5 (slipcase)
    Final Fantasy IX OST PLUS: SSCX-10047 (obi)
    Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections: SSCX-10048 (1st press) (slipcase)
    Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections: SSCX-10048 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy IX Uematsu's Best Selection: TPCD0201-2 (domestic)
    Melodies of Life (CD single; Emiko Shiratori): KICA-811 (slipcase)
    Final Fantasy X Music Sampler: no catalog number (slipcase)
    Final Fantasy X OST (limited edition): SSCX-10054-7 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy X OST (regular edition): SSCX-10054-7 (slipcase)
    Uematsu's Best Selection - Final Fantasy X OST (Tokyopop release): TPCD-0211-2
    Final Fantasy X Piano Collections (1st press): SSCX-10064 (slipcase)
    Final Fantasy X Piano Collections: SSCX-10064 (sealed)
    feel/Go dream Yuna & Tidus: SSCX-10058 (sealed)
    feel/Go dream Yuna & Tidus (1st pressing): SSCX-10058 (used; obi)
    Final Fantasy X Vocal Collection: SSCX-10073 (sealed)
    Suteki da ne (CD single; RIKKI): SSCX-10053 (obi)
    Final Fantasy XI OST (limited ed.): SSCX-10067-8 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy XI OST (regular ed.): SSCX-10069-70 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy XI JIRAATO no gen'ei: SSCX-10093 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy XI - Music From the Other Side of Vana'diel: SQEZ-10050 (sealed, obi)
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Sound Collections: N25D-020 (used, w/obi, survey card)
    Final Fantasy Tactics OST (first print): SSCX-10008 (used, w/Moogle card)
    Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy (1st pressing, w/obi): H28X-10007 (used)
    Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy: PSCR-5253 (obi)
    F.F. Mix: PSCN-5012 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy Love Will Grow: PSCN-5041 (obi)
    Final Fantasy Pray: PSCN-5006 (obi)
    Final Fantasy Wind Chapter, Fire Chapter: COCC-11741 (obi)
    Final Fantasy Dragon Chapter, Star Chapter: COCC-11873 (obi)
    FITHOS LUSEC WECOS VINOSEC (1st pressing): SSCX-10037 (used)
    Best of Final Fantasy 1994-1999: EAZ-4032 (domestic)
    Final Fantasy 1987-1994 (1st pressing): PSCN-9101 (used, obi, slipcase, book)
    Kefka's Domain: no catalog number (used)
    POTION - Relaxin' with Final Fantasy (1st print): SSCX-10051 (obi)
    POTION - Relaxin' with Final Fantasy (2nd print): SSCX-10051 (sealed)
    POTION 2 - Relaxin' with Final Fantasy: SSCX-10059 (sealed)
    20020220 Music From Final Fantasy: SSCX-10065-6 (1st pressing) (obi)
    20020220 Music From Final Fantasy: SSCX-10065-6 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy N Generation: TPCD-0212-2 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy S Generation: TPCD-0213-2 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance OST: SSCX-10083-4 (obi)
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol. 1 Premium: SSCX-10081 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol. 1: SSCX-10082 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol. 2: SSCX-10088 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol. 2: SSCX-10088 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol. 3: SSCX-10092 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition vol. 4: SSCX-10094 (sealed)
    White melodies of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: SVWC-7172 (sealed)
    Shiroi hana (CD single; ZONE; FFTA image song): SRCL-5513 (sealed)
    Final Fantasy X-2 OST (1st pressing w/Rikku strap): AVCD-17254-5 (Avex copy-protected)
    Kuon ~Hikari to nami no kioku~: AVCD-30444 (sealed) (Avex copy-protected)
    real Emotion (CD single) (Koda Kumi): RZCD-45080 (sealed) (Avex copy-protected)
    The Black Mages: SSCX-10080 (sealed)

    Game Music Concert/Game Ongaku Concert
    Please see "Orchestral Game Concert"

    Gunslinger Girl
    Gunslinger Girl Game Sound Album: MJCD-20013 (sealed, obi)

    Katamari Damacy
    Katamari Fortissimo Damacy: COCX-32760 (used)

    Kingdom Hearts
    Kingdom Hearts soundtrack: TOCT-24768-9 (sealed)
    Kingdom Hearts Final Mix: promo CD (sealed)

    Legend of Mana
    Please see "Mana series"

    Legend of Zelda series
    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Re-Arranged Album: TKCA-71284 (obi)
    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time OST (Nintendo): no catalog number
    Hyrule Symphony: ZMCX-102 (obi)
    Zelda's Majora's Mask Orchestral (Enterbrain): FMCN-1003 (obi)
    Zelda Majora's Mask (Nintendo): no catalog number (used)
    Zelda Sound and Drama: SRCL-2940~1 (used; obi, sticker)
    Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Vol. II - The Lost Tracks: 8110010 (European release)
    Legend of Zelda Wind Waker: SCDC-00250-251 (obi)

    Mana series
    Secret of Mana +: PSCN-5031 (sealed)
    Secret of Mana OST: N30D-021 (used)
    Seiken Densetsu 2 OSV (1st pressing): N25D-019 (used, obi)
    Seiken Densetsu 2 OSV: PSCN-5030 (sealed)
    Seiken Densetsu Sound Collections: PSCN-5029
    Seiken Densetsu/Final Fantasy Gaiden: N23D-003 (used)
    Seiken Densetsu Omoi wa Shirabe ni Nosete (Let Thoughts Ride On Knowledge): N30D-005 (used)
    Legend of Mana OST (1st pressing, sample): SSCX-10034 (used, w/slipcase)

    Mario series
    Mario Story OST: FMCN-1002 (used, obi)

    Nobunaga's Ambition
    Nobunaga no Yabou Tenshouki: KCS-026 (used)
    Nobunaga no yabou houden: KECH-1033 (used, w/survey card)

    Orchestral Game Concert
    Game Ongaku Concert 5: SRCL-2739 (sealed)
    Game Ongaku Concert 4: SRCL-2736 (used)
    Game Ongaku Concert 3: SRCL-2732 (used)
    Game Ongaku Concert 2: WPCL-709 (used)
    Game Ongaku Concert The Best Selection: WPCL-560 (sealed)

    Para Para Paradise
    Para Para Paradise OST: AVCD-11857-8 (used; obi)

    Project Majestic Mix
    Project Majestic Mix Gold Edition
    Project Majestic Mix Silver Edition
    Squaredance: KFSS-704 (sealed)

    Ranma 1/2
    Ranma 1/2 Denshi Yuuki Ongakushuu: COCC-10689 (used)

    All Sounds of SaGa: N32D-007~8 (used, w/sticker, obi)
    SaGa 2 Special Sound Collection: no catalog number

    Secret of Mana
    Please see "Mana series"

    Seiken Densetsu
    Please see "Mana series"

    Smash Bros.
    Super Smash Bros. Melee Orchestra CD: no catalog number

    Tetris: PLCE-901 (used, obi)

    Threads of Fate
    Please see "Dewprism"

    Xenogears CREID: SSCX-10018 (sealed)
    Xenogears OST: SSCX-10013 (sealed)

    Xenosaga OST: SSCX-10062 (sealed)
    Xenosaga promo CD: TGCS-1353
    Kokoro (CD single; Joanne Hogg): SSCX-10061 (obi)

    Yoshi's Island
    Yoshi's Island OSV: PSCN-5040 (sealed)

    The Vocal From Ys - Lilia: 150A-7710 (used)
    Wanderers from Ys Perfect Collection: KICA-1021-2

    Please see "Legend of Zelda"

    Zone of the Enders/Z.O.E.
    Zone of the Enders OST: KMCA-98 (obi)
    KISS ME SUNLIGHTS (CD single; Heart of Air): VICL-35181 (obi)

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    J-pop and misc. import CDs

    I Love Graduation Number: VDR-5283 (used)
    Nature -relaxation japan-: UMCK-1003 (obi)
    Nature 2 -Japanese Female Artist-: UMCK-1067 (obi)
    The Most Relaxing Feel: TOCP-65404 (sealed)
    image d'amour: SICC-7 (sealed)
    image d'amour Winter edition: SICC-101 (sealed)
    The Adventure of Wordsworth: PCCL-00333 (sealed)
    Songs - Biosphere Compilation Album: ZA-0008 (obi, survey card)
    Biosphere Label Sampler: ZA-0015 (used)
    Biosphere Label Sampler Plus: BICL-5004 (used, obi, survey card)
    Kenji's Illusion - Kenji no gentou: PSCN-5032 (obi)
    Pops Hit Collection: VDR-5139 (used)
    Tokyo Independent Studios: RMPI-2002 (used, obi, survey card)
    Ici Tokyo (Kochira, Tokyo): 7562820 (BRCD-76125) (French release; used, survey card)
    Para Para Paradise: AVCD-17001 (used; obi)
    Para Para Paradise 6: AVCD-17041 (obi)
    Tokyo Auto Salon 2005 Presents Evolution #01: AVCD-17572 (obi)

    Dancemania X7: TOCP-64070 (obi)
    Dancemania Delux 5: TOCP-64110-11 (obi)
    Dancemania J-Paradise: TOCP-64108 (obi)
    Dancemania 20: TOCP-64120 (obi)
    Dancemania Best Nonstop Megamix - Red: TOCP-64150 (obi)

    Acoustic Cafe
    Sky Dreamer: COCS-11710

    Akino Arai
    Kouseki Radio: VICL-60721 (obi)
    Furu Platinum: VICL-60549 (obi)
    Sora no Mori: VICL-60042 (obi)
    Sora no Niwa: VICL-60043 (obi)
    Natsukashii Mirai: VDR-1284 (obi)
    RGB: VICL-60869 (obi)
    Eden: VICL-61214 (obi)
    VHMusic: VH-1 (no obi included)

    Ayumi Hamasaki
    Far away (5-inch CD single): AVCD-30118 (used, obi)
    Seasons (5-inch CD single): AVCD-30119 (used; obi)

    Tall Snake EP: PSCR-5748 (obi)

    Candy Lo
    Candy Lo Mega Collection: 506072.2 (sealed)
    Fantasy: 504311.2 (sealed; special first pressing)

    Chiaki Ishikawa
    Inner Garden (CCCD): IOCD-11047 (sealed; obi, slipcase)

    Chisako Takashima
    Kaze no Toori Michi: COCQ-83460 (obi)

    Themes From Calmi Cuori Appassionati: WPCR-11006 (sealed; slipcase, obi)
    The Best of Enya: D2CD-316 (Chinese release, sealed)
    A Day Without Rain: 8573859862 (Australia, sealed)
    A Day Without Rain: WPCR-11000 (Japan, sealed)
    Memory of Trees: WPCR-10093 (Japan gold pressing, sealed)

    Emiko Shiratori
    Big Yellow Moon: KICS-881 (obi)
    Blauen Donau: K32X-260 (used)
    Cross My Heart: KICS-825 (obi)
    Emiko Shiratori: KICS-404 (used, obi)
    Grace: FHCF-2308 (obi)
    Himawari (3-inch CD single): FHDF-1601
    Hello: KICS-135 (w/slipcase, book)
    I'm Here: UICZ-4039 (obi)
    Irodori: KICS-233 (used, obi)
    Lady: TKCA-30681 (used)
    Prelude to Grace (3-inch CD single): FHDF-1573
    Re-voice: KICS-926 (obi)
    Shishen shuu: KICS-751 (obi)
    Shizuka na Chikyu no ue de (Sojiro featuring Emiko Shiratori): UMCK-5039 (5-inch CD single; sealed, obi)
    Voice of Mine: KICS-853
    Winter Wonderland: 180A-83 (used, obi)

    Faye Wong
    Faye HK Scenic Tour 98-99: TOCP-65271-2 (sealed)
    Chan You (repackaged edition): TOCP-65170 (sealed)
    The Most Favourite Faye: TOCP-65961-62 (sealed)

    Goddess in the Morning
    Goddess in the Morning: ZA-0009 (used, survey card)

    Maki Mochida
    Ashita no iro: VICL-710 (used)
    Haru Natsu Aki Furu (1st pressing): VICL-648 (used, w/slipcase, photo book)
    Maki Mochida Collection: VICL-61328 (sealed)

    Maximum: AVCD-11512 (used)

    Minimal Sound Interior
    Emotional Silence: MHCL-89 (used, obi)

    Burning Dance (5-inch CD single): AVCT-30071 (used, obi, slim case, CCCD)
    Come Together (5-inch CD single): AVCT-30048 (used, slim case)
    Fly Me So Hight (5-inch CD single): AVCT-30044 (used, slim case)
    Future Breeze (5-inch CD single): AVCT-30054 (used, obi, slim case, CCCD)
    Platinum (5-inch CD single): AVCT-30005 (used, slim case)
    Super Sonic Dance (5-inch CD single): AVCT-30040 (used, slim case)
    Sweet Vibration (5-inch CD single): AVCT-30018 (used, obi, slim case)
    Words of the Mind (5-inch CD single): AVCT-30017 (used, slim case, CD Extra)

    Norihiro Tsuru
    A Man Who Made the Moon: 28DP-5544 (sealed)
    The Ancient Sun: SRCL-2761 (used)
    Thousand Dreams of Deserts: TOCT-8366 (used, obi)
    Voyage Through the End of the Century (Neshia no Tabibito): TRUE-1001 (used, obi)
    Beginnings (with Yuriko Nakamura): PICW-1021 (obi, survey card)
    Progress (with Yuriko Nakamura): PICW-1023 (obi)
    Gemini (with Yuriko Nakamura): PICW-1022 (sealed)
    Norihiro Tsuru and Yuriko Nakamura Best Selection: PICL-1239 (obi)

    Nobuo Uematsu
    Phantasmagoria: PSCN-5010 (obi)

    P.M. Dawn
    Dearest Christian, I'm so very sorry...: V2CI-0019 (sealed)
    Dearest Christian, I'm so very sorry...: V2CI-0019 (used; sample)

    Mitsu: UMCK-1115 (obi?, slipcase)
    Shima uta Trickles: UMCK-1117 (sealed)
    Karatacha nomiki ~Toki~: UMCK-5089 (sealed)

    Samply Red
    Aara ii kimochi: RACA-2 (obi)

    Final Fantasy The Spirits Within: SRCS-2519 (sealed)
    Railway Story: PCCL-00423 (obi)
    Wife (Korean drama): YDCD-654

    Super Eurobeat
    Vol. 68: AVCD-10068 (obi)
    Vol. 74: AVCD-10074 (obi)
    Vol. 77: AVCD-10077 (obi, larger jewel case)
    Vol. 82: AVCD-10082 (obi)
    Vol. 86: AVCD-10086 (obi, larger jewel case)
    Vol. 98 (1st pressing w/ 2 CDs): AVCD-10098 (obi, larger jewel case)
    Vol. 99 (1st pressing w/ 2 CDs): AVCD-10099 (obi, larger jewel case)
    Vol. 101: AVCD-10101 (obi)
    Vol. 103: AVCD-10103 (obi)
    Vol. 109: AVCD-10109 (obi)
    Vol. 110: AVCD-10110 (used, slipcase)
    Vol. 114: AVCD-10114 (obi)
    Vol. 121: AVCD-10121 (obi)
    Vol. 128: AVCD-10128 (obi) (Avex copy-protected CD)
    Vol. 131: AVCD-10131 (obi) (Avex copy-protected CD)
    Vol. 141 (CCCD): AVCD-10141 (obi)
    Vol. 147 (CCCD): AVCD-10147 (obi)
    Vol. 154: AVCD-10154 (obi)
    Vol. 157: AVCD-10157 (sealed, obi)
    Vol. 158: AVCD-10158 (obi)
    Eurobeat Disney: AVCW-12130 (used)
    Super Euro Xmas II: AVCD-11745 (obi)
    Super Eurobeat Presents Aishu Euro Countdown (CCCD): AVCD-17404 (sealed, obi)

    The Greatest Hits: AVCD-17603 (slipcase)

    200 km/h in the Wrong Lane (Russian version): 014-452-2All the Things She Said (CD single) (Japan release) : UICS-5022 (obi, slimline case)

    Tsuji Jinsei X Beat Musik
    New Wall: PCCA-00934 (used)

    Utada Hikaru
    Can You Keep A Secret? (5-inch CD single): TOCT-4301 (used)
    Colors (5-inch CD single): TOCT-4455 (used; obi)
    For You (5-inch CD single): TOCT-4230 (used)
    Hikari (5-inch CD single): TOCT-4361 (obi)
    Traveling (5-inch CD single): TOCT-4351 (used)
    Wait & See (5-inch CD single): TOCT-22070 (used, obi)

    Vita Nova
    Shinonome: TOCT-9884 (used)

    Hikari furu asa: PSCR-5536 (used)
    iKon: ZA-0019 (obi)
    Oto: ZA-0005 (used)
    Pieces of the Moon: AMCM-10012 (obi)
    Sakura: AMCM-4156 (used, obi)
    Stories: PSCR-5796 (obi)

    Other J-pop singles
    SHA RION (Eri): PCDL-00002 (w/Akino Arai) (used)

    The Dream Within (Lara Fabian): SRCS-2547 (obi)
    Spirit Dreams Inside (L'Arc-en-Ciel): KSC2-410 (sealed)

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    In this section, I've listed only the CDs I'm looking for by specific manufacturers. Please, no flames on the subject, thank you. They MUST have the obi/spine card and ALL original inserts (stickers, customer survey, etc.). NO CDs BY EVERANIME, PLEASE. Please email me if you're selling any of these.

    All Sounds of Final Fantasy 1&2 (SonMay)
    Final Fantasy Love Will Grow (SonMay)
    Final Fantasy IV Celtic Moon (SonMay)
    F.F. Mix (SonMay)
    Final Fantasy VII OST (Archer Records)

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