Mermaid Saga vol. 1, German-language edition

Original Japanese title: Saigo no Kao (Final Face)

Yuta and Mana come upon a boy who has just escaped a kidnapper. The boy, Nanao, is hurt, but he takes medicine that heals his wounds instantly. He says his mother has been giving him this medicine for some years now.

The couple take Nanao back to his home, much to his mother's gratitude. But his grandmother warns them to take him away from the house, and shows them a picture of who she says is Nanao's mother -- a woman with a completely different face. Rumors say that a fight in that home 25 years ago by a divorced couple over their only son left the mother with a horrible scar on her face. Are Nanao and his mother connected with that bloody incident? And why is she feeding him doses of mermaid's flesh?

Domestic printings:
  • Mermaid's Mask, issue #1 (published 1995 by Viz, 30 pages)
  • Mermaid's Mask, issue #2 (1995, 29 pages)
  • Mermaid's Mask, issue #3 (1995, 30 pages)
  • Mermaid's Gaze graphic novel, with two complete stories
    • Published 1996 by Viz
    • ISBN: 1-56931-195-1; 184 pages
    • Contains "Mermaid's Gaze" and "Mermaid's Mask"
  • Mermaid Saga vol. 4, with two complete stories
    • Published December 2004 in the original right-to-left format by Viz
    • ISBN: 1-59116-482-6; 184 pages
    • Contains "Mermaid's Gaze" and "Mermaid's Mask"
Japanese printings:
  • Shounen Sunday
    • Saigo no Kao, zenpen (Final face, part 1), 2/2/94
    • Saigo no Kao, kouhen (Final face, part 2)
    • Saigo no Kao, complete story, Shounen Sunday Golden Week Special, 5/20/94
  • Shonen Sunday Comics Special, "Yasha no Hitomi": Reprinted collection of three complete stories.
    • Published 1/15/2004 by Shogakukan
    • ISBN: 1-56931-195-1; 250 pages
    • Contains "Sharihime," "Yasha no Hitomi," and "Saigo no Kao"
Other editions:
  • Mermaid Saga vol. 2 German edition
    • Published 2001 by Egmont. about 184 pages.
    • ISBN: 3-89885-324-1
    • Contains "Mermaid's Gaze" and "Mermaid's Mask"
  • Ye Cha Zhi Tong (Mermaid's Gaze) (Ren Yu Xi Lie vol. 3) graphic novel
    • Published 10/1/2005. 248 pages.
    • ISBN: 7-5371-0215-5
    • Contains "The Ash Princess," "Mermaid's Gaze," and "Mermaid's Mask"

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