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Condensed onto one page! Fanfics concerning the Final Fantasy Mailing List!! Click on this link to check it out. If you're looking for Eric's fanfic, it's on this page now. This page will soon be removed and the fanfics will (hopefully) be transferred to another site, so get your fill of them now!
Wa-hah! Read my good friend Aaron Nakahara's KoF vs. SF fanfic! (That's King of Fighters vs. Street Fighter ^_^)
Read "Before the Black Wind Howls," by Janis. A great, serious fanfic about Magus' life. And read some of Janis' other fanfics at her CT fanfics page!
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Read Metroid Paladin by Matt Smith. Metroid fans should definitely check this out!
For those looking for Asif Rashid's fanfic, which explored the FF6 characters' lives one year after Kefka's defeat, he tells me he's deleted it. Hopefully he'll put it back up in the future. ^_^
Read Edgar 1/2 by Amber Berebitsky! As you can probably tell from the title, it's a Ranma/Final Fantasy crossover! Future chapters are still being written, so send her your comments! ^_^
Part 1
Part 2
Read Friendly Talk With Ken and Ryu! An incredibly funny fanfic with various video game chars! And if anyone knows who wrote it, please email me.
A pair of FF6 "getting drunk" fanfics! *LOL* Read Edgar Gets Drunk by Celes18 and Pokey's fanfic! These fanfics will soon be transferred to the Final Fantasy Mailing List website.
Check out this ChronoTrigger rap by the Dark Lord Eric! This will soon be transferred to the Final Fantasy Mailing List website.
Read some works by !
We're Home: a short story based on FF2
Minstrelsy of Paladin: a haiku
Boundaries: a haiku
Read the intensely funny Finfal Fanfasy by Tojo-Mojo! Yes, it's SUPPOSED to be mispelled...*LOL*
Oneesama E by Faris. A great FF5 fanfic! ^_^
Check out United We Stand, an Lunar/ChronoTrigger crossover by David Patricola!
Check out SpriteGirl's page of writing called Angel's Fear! Home of a Secret of Mana fanfic and others!
The World Goes to Hell and it's All Locke's Fault
Read Final Fantasy: The Story Continues by Sarah Schoenlaub
Final Fantasy: Another Reality by Kaitlin Kubilius
Final Fantasy: Legend of Seshiban by Trystan Wyse. Also contains other FF fanfics.
Hair: An FF7 Parody by Marie the Esper Girl
Check out FF High by Golbez . Includes characters from FF2, FF3 and FF7. Golbez has *finally* written some more! *grin* ^_^
Part 1
Part 2
Fang's Chronicles: an FF2 fanfic by Toni Walker
Airships and Wedding Bells by Deona Broyles
Beavis and Butt-head Do Final Fantasy by Aaron Ackerson
Urban Harvest by Cypher. Follow the "Serious Fanfics" link.
Read a great KOF vs. SF fanfic by Samuel Takara!

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Feel fee to send me your comments. (Unfortunately, my old myecom address no longer works. Until I can set up a new email address, I will not be able to receive messages concerning this site.) And of course, if you have a fanfic site, please let me know the URL! ^_^