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The Final Fantasy Mailing List Fanfics

Dedicated to the proposition that although the people on the FFML are entirely crazy, they still have enough sanity left to hold debates and write incredibly funny fanfics concerning those debates

You have entered the realm of the Final Fantasy Mailing List. This list officially opened on Sept. 16, 1996 (at least according to the nifty welcome message that I got upon joining *grin*), dedicated to bringing together fans of the truly great SNES game Final Fantasy III. This page is merely a small portal into the vast world of the FFML, of which you may get a hint by reading the many fanfics that have been spurred by FFML events...


April 20, 2004: Oh my god....an update....when we all thought this page was defunct!! Actually, it still IS defunct ^_~ considering I have no knowledge of any new list-related writings that have popped up in the meanwhile. But I figured I'd post at least one final piece of writing by -- who else? -- myself. ^_~ Enjoy! ^_^

August 5, 2002: Okay, okay, you can see that this page is still up despite my well-intended threat. ^_~ I'm currently cleaning out my Geocities account, so I find I do indeed have room for this. It also helps that my Final Fantasy CD page, which was taking up the bulk of the space on this site, now has its own domain. Yeah, yeah, you ffml.org webmasters! =P Anyway, looks like this page will be here for quite some time, so enjoy. ^_^

I credit the idea for this page to one "Dark Eric," whose incredibly long and funny fanfic, dealing with the resurrection of one of our FFML members, was perhaps the first story on our ML that incorporated video games with mailing list happenings, the most notorious of which was the Moogle War. Because I know many who access this page have no inkling of what happened on our list, or even that such a list exists, I have written prologues for each fanfic detailing just what was going on with our list at the time. I've also written a general prologue describing the history of the FFML. And if any FFML members read those prologues or bios and feel I have left out some important detail, don't hesitate to inform me. And finally, just to make this clear, THE AUTHORS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CONTENT OF THEIR OWN FANFICS. THEY DO NOT NECESSARILY REFLECT THE VIEWS AND OPINIONS OF MYSELF (a.k.a Nabiki, Enya, Schala, Daryl). That said, read and enjoy! ^_^

Each author's e-mail address is listed, so please send them feedback. They'd probably get a kick out of it. (And I'd probably GET kicked, hehe.) That said, read and enjoy! ^_^

NOTE: It is advisable to read the short bios at the end of the general prologue. They contain information that will be needed to understand the fanfics.

Prologue: Humble Beginnings
Prologue 2: The Camel Story
Prologue 3: The Lansing Story

All by Schala

SOON TO COME! As soon as I find these on my comp and format them...*grin*
"Mario is Missing" by Tojo-Mojo
"Save the Queen(s)!" by Pat, the Mystic Guru
"The Anime War" by Pat and JohnMOG
Dancing Mad posts by Schala. A series of posts in which yours truly greets new members to the FFML! ^_^
Updates on:
"The Console Wars"
DLE's fanfic

UPDATE: Added Part 9 of Chaos' "Console Wars"!

By the Dark Lord Eric
Prologue by Schala
Part One: The Resurrection of Kain
Part Two: The Escape of the Dark Chicken
Part Three: Escape From Zeal's Marriage
Some chapter I drag Kaitlin into the story with
Whatever happens next
The New Beginning
The horror waines on...
Moogle Borgs?!?
The ring lives...
Part 10
Part 11
The next chapter in the tale of Dire Chaos...
Dire Chaos story
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, Part One
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, Part Two
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, Part Three
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, Part 4
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, Part 5
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, Part 6
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, Part 7
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, Part 8
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, well, sort of... Part 9
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, well, sorta... Part 10
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, well, not really... Part 11
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, well, not really... Part 12
Final Fantasy Meets Lost World, well, not really... Part 13
Moogle War II
The Chocobo War, part 1
The Chocobo Revolution, part 2
The Chocobo Revolution, part 3
The Chocobo War, part 4
The Chocobo War, part 5
The Chocobo War, part 6
The DLE's adventures in the world of the living-impaired
The Kaos Days, a continuing tale...
The Conclusion of the Chocobo War

Moogle War II
By various FFML members
I go off the FFML for four months, on a sojourn to London for a study-abroad trip...and when I come back, what do I find but the dreaded MOOGLE WAR revived!! This time, it's a LOT more, um, controlled. No invincibility posts (at least since I came back) and lots of GREAT story writing. Check out the sequence of events on Spacecat's page! It makes really great reading! ^_^

After you've read the story, go to the character drawings page by Lady Besu! Heck, you don't even need to read the story; if you like good artistic work, check out her page! ^_^

By Kawaii_Haru, aka HAL_9000
Late one night, Hal got an idea...he decided to write an FFML fanfic! ^_^ He WAS writing a hilarious story called The FFML Invades Japan, but alas, it has gone the way of 404. Too bad...it was really funny. -_-

By the Dark Lord Eric and Casper
The history behind this fanfic is simple: Eric is anti-PSX, Casper is pro-PSX. Eric started writing this story for some reason, then Casper started taking over, which explains why there are two Chapter 2's and two Chapter 3's. Soon they were engaged in a Story War, with each person writing his own version of the story. ^_^ Alas, however, the Story War has died away, so it will probably remain at Chapter 3 forever....
Oh, to find out about Lansing, read The Lansing Story
A Tale... by Eric
Chapter 2 by Eric
Chapter 2 by Casper
Chapter 3 by Eric
Chapter 3 by Casper

By Pat, the Mystic Guru
Prologue by Schala
FFML Fantasy/Secret of the Mailing List, Part 1

WARNING: PART 2 CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT MAY BE INAPPROPRIATE FOR OR OFFENSIVE TO SOME READERS. There is hard-core swearing, but it's all within the context of the fanfic; none of it is directed at anyone in particular.

FFML Fantasy/Secret of the Mailing List, Part 2
FFML Fantasy/Secret of the Mailing List, Part 3
FFML Fantasy/Secret of the Mailing List, Part 4

Prologue by Schala
Thus the console holy wars continued...
The Console Wars, Part 2
The Console Wars, Part 3
The Console Wars, Part 4
The REAL Console Wars, Part 5
The REAL Console Wars, Part 6
The REAL Console Wars, Part 7
The REAL Console Wars, Part 8
The REAL Console Wars, Part 9

By Aaron Ackerson
Prologue by Schala
N64 Man on Trial

By Mataya
The Dark Times, Chapter 1
The Dark Times, Chapter 2
The Dark Times, Chapter 3
The Dark Times, Chapter 4

By Fegtet
L'Histoire de Ted
This fanfic has nothing to do with list events. Fegtet sent this to the list one day, but it doesn't deal with video games, so I put the story here.

By Schala
Prologue by Schala
Save the FFML!
Save the FFML! Part 2
Save the FFML! Part 3
Save the FFML! Part 4
Save the FFML! Part 5
Save the FFML! Part 6
Save the FFML! Part 7
Save the FFML! Part 8
Save the FFML! Part 9
Save the FFML! Part 10

Save the FFML! Part 11
Save the FFML! Part 12
Save the FFML! Part 13
Save the FFML! Part 14
Save the FFML! Part 15
Save the FFML! Part 16
Save the FFML! Part 17
Save the FFML! Part 18
Save the FFML! Part 19
Save the FFML! Part 20

How the Camel Got Its Honk by Schala

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