Akino Arai CD discography

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This discography lists the CDs on which Akino Arai has the lead vocal in a song. I do NOT include CDs in which Arai was only the composer, lyricist or a chorus singer (such as in some of the Zabadak CDs). This list is FAR from complete; I am still adding information. So far, I am listing only the songs that she sang; I may include complete tracklists if I receive such requests.

October 25, 2009: I'm in the process of removing the "Compilations" and "Comic albums" sections and incorporating them into the "Anime-related" and "Jpop" sections. The anime section will be renamed to reflect the change.

Please note that this is a *CD* discography, and as such I normally do not include anything other than CDs. However, I will include other media (vinyl LPs, cassette tapes, etc.) if the song has not been re-released on some CD.

All scans and romanizations have been done by myself. Some translations have been done with the help of an online translator, Jim Breen's WWWJDIC.

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