About You

Cecilio and Kapono
From "Elua"

I know everything I have to know about you
And I'm not sure I really want to go without you
Our small moment that we shared
Is only yours and mine
No one else is really going to know
That I care about you

And all the questions that I ask myself about you
Give me answers that don't make me want to doubt you
Won't you come and be with me
And then I think you'll know
That if you come and stay you're going to see
That I care about you

Won't you be a high for me
Take my hand and fly with me
Don't want you to cry for me at all
Won't you sing your song to me
Tell me you belong with me
Tell me it's okay for me to call

All the things you tell me with your eyes about you
They only help to make me realize I want you
Won't you come and help make up my mind
You know it's up to you
Follow me, I know that you will find
That I cared about you

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